“I Approve This Message”

“I Approve This Message”.

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  1. That’s a great article. I wonder how much of our societal mindset stems from decades of propaganda promoted by people selling things.

  2. I would venture to say a good (huge) portion of our mindset comes from advertising – I mean, as hysterically funny as it is, look at the ones aimed at women! Soap that will make you thin, Pepsi will make you svelte and glamorous = the diet industry, one of the top five biggest industries we have. Diet, beauty, self-help – – – the money they rake in is staggering.

    Oh, and fellas? Please, smoke the healthy cigarette. Don’t stop smoking, though.

    I absolutely loved the author’s tying in of these ridiculous ads from the past into the insane political ads we are constantly bombarded with, I find it mind-boggling that someone would vote for a candidate based on an ad that he or she has ‘approved.’ Seriously, how stupid are we?

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