Calista number one, Callista number two……..

I have only heard the name Calista once, and that would be the actress Calista Flockhart. I am not a fan, although I enjoyed Ally McBeal when it first came out, but that’s because I think David E. Kelley is brilliant.

But, now we have Callista Gingrich. Huh, another Callista, the only difference is one “L” vs. two “L’s.”  Seriously, when you look at them…….did the people-making factory create only one face to go with this particular name?


Callista Gingrich, and Calista Flockhart.  Is it just me?

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  1. The resemblance is uncanny! Sometimes I think there are only so many kinds of people in the world — only so many moulds, so to speak. But two Cal(l)ista’s! Looking alike? Crazy world.

  2. Isn’t that weird? It has absolutely nothing of importance to add to any discourse going on at all, except I felt a need to make sure I was not sort of losing my mind. Especially because I never liked the first Calista, then along comes Mrs. Gingrich the Third – same name, same face and………..can’t stand her, either.
    It’s meaningless little freak-blips like this that make me wonder if I did not drop one tab of acid too many as a teenager.

  3. Just make sure to keep this at this.

    Three headed monsters ‘iz no good’.

    • OH my GOD that is HILARIOUS!! Six thousand teeth indeed. Callista Gingrich looks like she is about to sink hers into something savory from Tiffanys.

  4. I think they both come from the land of the skin-stretched lizard people, a.ka. The Isle Of Botox. Also, Mrs. Gingrich III above looks a bit like Witchy Poo from H.R. Puffinstuff, at least in that photo.

    • But the face shape and the nose! No Botox can do that! I think they are twins, and their mother is Witchy-poo. And I cannot believe I forgot about witchy-poo, because I was a religious H.R. Puffinstuff watcher. I can actually still sing the song. 🙂

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